What are these winds blowing through the city from the Italian Riviera and sweeping down the streets of Brera?

Brera: where tradition and art live.

Elegant and Milanese.

Brera is history. Brera is Maurizio Baldassari.

Inspired by the names of winds that caress the Mediterranean coast, the new “Brera Breeze” Spring/Summer 2023 collection tells the story of strong and enchanting figures from far-off lands: Ponente, Maestrale, Libeccio, Levante, Scirocco and Grecale.

Six winds, each with their character, breathe a narrative from the historic headquarters of Maurizio Baldassari that speaks of comfort and athleisure and elegant sartorial tales.

In the urban scene, tradition is swept away by the light breeze, leaving behind sartorial pieces with a casual fit.

The six from the Mediterranean wear soft garments with strong character in noble fibres of cashmere, silk and linen.

Sophisticated fabric features a lightweight, refined hand.

Fresh as a cool breeze on a summer outing. Weightless as a sail blown by the wind toward the shore.

The heroes of Maurizio Baldassari’s summer tale enjoy days filled with the beauty of nature and the elegance of distinct architecture in a balance between nonchalance and timeless elegance.

Each of the new collection’s looks includes outerwear and footwear; arriving at the coast, we find our characters’ luggage filled with loungewear and swimwear with exclusive Maurizio Baldassari patterns.

Stories of the Mediterranean told in the garments’ colour palette.

Calm contrasting tones entwined with the landscape.

Earth tones like the coasts, vivacious colours like oranges against the blues of the sea and sky, and as night falls, the grey of an end-of-summer evening.

These are stories of a Bohemian life of sophisticated elegance and casual character, riding the wind toward Brera, the Milan district we call home. Just like Maurizio Baldassari.