Maurizio baldassarri


A walk in Brera neighborhood

A walk through the streets of Brera, for work or leisure, affected by the first cold weather of the season. A milanese day in the heart of the neighborhood that has alwasy been the synonymous of sophistication and art, lost between his cafè and art galleries.

Outerwear lightened in their lines and shapes, that are worn without forcing the body. Practicality combined with elegance matching the everyday life..

Raw materials of exceptional quality are always the protagonist of the new collection, inspired by the timeless man’s wardrobe but reinterpreted in a more contemporary way, focused on practicality as for the Cashmere Felt, a soft jersey fabric. The coulours recall the traditional yellow-orange lamps of Brera, while the greyish green are echoes of the secular plane trees of the Botanic Garden.

Deconstructed jacket and alpaca wool overshirt that lend themselves to layering, knitted jackets and the iconic Brenta jacket from the elegant and versatile soul which combines the double functionality of a cardigan and a jacket. Block color inlays and lines for the knitwears without seams, with the Brenta jacket presented in a brand new range of colours.

A collection of garments Simple Casual studied in detail, meant for everyday life, functionals and of highest quality. A wardrobe designed to satisfy the need of every Milanese Gentleman. Lines and shapes that outline a new way of dressing, careful to practicality and elegance.